Find out what's changed and how it'll make it faster and simpler for you to do business with us.

Find forms and information faster, and keep track of requests using the new Queensland Shared Service (QSS) Self Service Centre homepage.

What's changed?

New header and search

When you log in, you'll see a clean, deep-blue background and a crisp, clear, single search field. We've removed the additional search field in the header and made adjustments that will improve your search speed.

You'll notice the new header floats with you as you navigate down the screen, allowing you quick, easy access to your personal information (including department). We've removed the option to select your agency in the header, as this feature was not behaving as expected. Forms and knowledge articles will display based on the department selected under your personal information.

New SSC header image with search bar

New horizontal menu

You'll notice a reduced number of horizontal navigation headings below the search bar. We've brought our contact details to the front and merged the search and submit options for forms. You'll now have 1 link to a page where you can quickly search, browse, and submit forms.

Further down the homepage, we've applied more personalisation, giving you separate widgets that show your most:

  • used forms
  • read articles
  • recent requests.

This replaces the old pinned pages feature. For users who approve requests, you'll also see a widget of requests waiting for approval.

New forms widget

We've introduced a new Forms widget on the homepage that allows you to navigate quickly through our folder structure to get to the section you're interested in (e.g. payroll).

Website widgets with links to additional pages

New Search for a form page

We've upgraded the Search for a form page, adding a list view and card view option, and removing the automatic filtering by category. Find forms the way it suits you.

New list view of forms to select


From 10 May 2021.

Why the change?

The QSS Self Service Centre is increasingly the primary tool to send us requests. This is very different from when we initially launched our homepage in 2016. We now know that users want quicker access to our forms, especially the ones they repeatedly use. The new homepage now accommodates this.

How do we know it's better?

We applied a customer experience design approach. In January 2021, we undertook discovery work, including an expert review of our current homepage. Based on this review, we created 2 revised homepage prototypes.

We then engaged QSS Self Service Centre users to test the 2 prototypes. We carefully selected a range of frequent and infrequent users, from various roles, and different agencies.

We asked our participants to complete 8 short tasks and answer 4 qualitative questions. This showed us the desired features and the favoured prototype.

From the results, we created the new homepage design.

More information

The homepage redesign complements our PDF form conversion initiative. We've completed our first 2 phases of the conversion initiative and will be planning our next phase in the coming months.