It's now easier to keep your candidates informed during their recruitment process.

You can now email non-shortlisted candidates from Springboard.

What's new

As part of our improvements to recruitment emails, the Springboard release on 17 February 2021 will introduce an enhanced feature to Springboard folders.

You can now move candidates to the 'Not shortlist' folder and they'll receive an automated email informing them that they've not been selected for an interview.

You'll see a warning first to remind you that we'll send this email.

This keeps candidates informed and allows you to shortlist them later if circumstances change.

Candidates will receive another notification to tell them they've been unsuccessful once you complete the recruitment process and we've moved them to the 'Unsuccessful' folder.

What's next

We're now focussed on implementing our final recruitment email enhancement: an email that is generated from Springboard to inform candidates when we've closed a job advertisement.

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