It's now easier for you to submit more requests online to Queensland Shared Services (QSS) with a second release of online forms.

Queensland Shared Services (QSS) has converted more PDF forms that you use to do business with us to fast, paperless online forms.

What are the new online forms?

In February and March, we introduced the following online forms:

  • Purchase order request
  • Purchase order invoice payment
  • Domestic travel expense
  • Domestic travel expense calculator
  • Overseas travel expense
  • Overseas travel expense calculator
  • Corporate card request
  • Higher duties or relieving at level
  • Leave request
  • Non-payroll person request

In November 2020, we introduced:

  • General purpose expenditure voucher (GPEV)
  • Vendor master data
  • Overtime
  • Work hours and work pattern
  • Temporary or casual extension
  • Separation
  • Payslip request

Find these forms by logging in to the QSS Self Service Centre. We've published them in the same location as the PDFs they're replacing.

How does this benefit you?

Online forms are better for the environment, can be accessed and completed anywhere, and are faster to complete and process.

We've received more than 6,000 online form submissions since we released our first batch of forms in November. And we've received some great feedback!

Just thought I would let you know that the new form (commenced use yesterday) to make a payment against a purchase order, is brilliant. It's quick and easy to use. Thanks for making this happen.

Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

What's happening to the PDF forms?

Once we release an online form, we schedule the removal of the old PDF. We're staggering this process and working with our customer working groups to ensure it occurs with minimal disruption.

From 1 March 2021 QSS will not accept:

  • the Goods and services requisition PDF
  • the Purchase order amendment PDF
  • email requests to pay a purchase order.

From 8 March 2021 QSS will not accept the:

  • Overseas travel expense PDF
  • Domestic travel expense PDF
  • Corporate card requests PDF.

From 29 March 2021 QSS will not accept the:

  • Higher duties or relieving at level PDF
  • Leave application PDF
  • Non-payroll person request PDF.

By the end of March, QSS will only be accepting the online forms for these services. Please remove any PDFs that you've saved to your network or personal drives.

What about submitting requests using other QSS systems?

Only use the new online forms if you currently use the PDF forms. If you submit requests through other systems, you should continue to do this. For example, some agencies use:

  • Fraedom to submit travel expense claims
  • SAP eForms to pay invoices or maintain vendor records
  • Aurion or SAP Employee Self Service to submit payroll-related requests.

Only use the online form where an alternative solution is not available.