Queensland Shared Services (QSS) has introduced an automated email to notify candidates of the next steps once we close applications for a role.

Your candidates will now receive an automated email explaining the next steps in the recruitment process when Queensland Shared Services (QSS) closes your advertised role. This keeps them informed, tells them that their application is progressing, and reminds them what to expect next.


From Wednesday 24 March 2021.

What's included in the email

The email tells candidates:

  • applications for the role are closed
  • their application will be reviewed shortly
  • a shortlisting process will occur
  • what to expect if they are not shortlisted or unsuccessful
  • a contact name and number for any questions.

The email confirms we're progressing with the recruitment process and restates what we told candidates when they submitted their application.

Candidates told us as part of the Public Service Commission's Voice of the candidate research work in 2019 that they want to hear from us more during the recruitment process.


See Managing job applications (Springboard) for help using Springboard and shortlisting.