Digital on Toast: Why use human-centred design?

Why use Human-centred design?

Welcome to Digital on Toast – quick little tidbits about all things Digital in Queensland Government. In this special series we consider human-centred design

Technology has and continues to progress and improve at a rapid pace. Advancements in technology has enabled government to deliver services that are more convenient for our customers and more efficient for us.

As it happens, Queenslanders are loving the digitally delivered products that government currently dish out…so, understandably, their expectations are continuing to increase. Customer needs are ever evolving, so we need to a) understand what those needs are, and b) meet those needs.

Henry Ford famously said: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses!”. This is because what people say, what people do, and what people say they do - are entirely different things. In saying that, there are ways around this. Human-centred design applies methods like ethnographic research, which helps to uncover our customers unexpressed need.

When we better understand our customers experiences or problems, we can design and build solutions that people actually need and will use. Human-centred design works! Governments across the globe are seeing higher citizen satisfaction scores on the services they deliver. In Queensland's most recent survey we increased satisfaction by eleven percentage points.

More and more, human-centred design is being applied in policy formation. Policies are connecting more closely with citizens, and therefore are more likely to hit the mark come implementation time.

Global data shows that employees feel more job satisfaction when they're actually making a difference in customers lives. Instead of being led by processes and regulations, employees enjoy connecting and engaging with their customers to help improve their way of life/experiences.

Human-centred design is informed not just by quantitative data but qualitative data too - spending time with people, enquiring and unearthing their needs.

Imagine the innovation potential, both in terms of reduced costs and improved service of engaging employees at every level to search for opportunities to create better value for our customers, our people – Queenslanders.

If you want to learn about HCD the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group has designed a number of short online modules to get you started on your learning journey.