Digital on Toast: QG Cyber and Digital Mentoring program

New platform makes it easy to seek out a cyber or digital mentor.

Welcome to Digital on Toast – quick little tidbits about all things Digital in Queensland Government.

The public sector has a vibrant and rapidly evolving cyber and digital talent ecosystem. The sector offers a unique community contribution and pride in building accessible, trusted customer services. Agencies that embrace mentoring are rewarded with higher levels of staff engagement, retention, and knowledge sharing.

To meet these needs the QG Cyber Security Unit and QGCDG Design and Capability team are partnering with OKRDY to pilot a mentoring program. For those breaking into cyber security or digital roles, tapping into this program will create an opportunity to access the mentoring community via the new platform. This will lead to better workplace, career and professional development choices.

As a mentor, supporting our talent and inspiring colleagues in their career journey are fantastic ways to enhance your leadership skills. The benefits of being a mentor include potential to raising your leadership profile and increased confidence and sense of contribution to emerging leaders.

Aligned with the Queensland Public Service Commission Leadership competencies, developing and mobilising talent, inspiring others and the pursuit of self-awareness as a leader all represent valuable opportunities in this program.

Why do we need a mentoring program?

Professional development is not as simple as signing up for a new training course every year. The rubber really hits the road when you are in a new job or are changing careers. Having the right support can make all the difference to your success.

Our peers and leaders have been through these experiences many times. As lifelong learners, there is enormous value to be gained through mentoring others to help piece things together.

Can I be a mentee?

Initially we are focussed on the past and current Certificate IV in Cyber Security participants, and the current Digital and ICT Graduate program cohort. The aim is to get things settled in and then start to roll out to other cyber and digital groups as the ecosystem starts to grow.

I want to be a mentor!

If you are interested in being a cyber or digital mentor and have a minimum of 3 years' experience in a senior or technical role, we invite you to nominate.

Nominate for the program.

Successful mentors will be advised in early July of the mentoring workshop date and the program launch event details.