Digital on Toast: Cyber security in Government

What exactly is cyber security in a government context?

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What is cyber security?

As we advance towards our digital future in Queensland Government, information technology continues to transform how the citizens of Queensland experience our services—with this comes the threat of cybercrime and information theft.

Cyber security is all about protecting data and the sensitive information that is transmitted online or stored on a server or in the cloud.

Cyber security is a critical feature of a thriving digital economy. It includes both risk mitigation activities to minimise the exposure to cybercrime and a strong approach to incident response to deal with issues that arise. While there are increasing threats of data breaches, hacking, ransomware, viruses and phishing there is also a necessity to gather and protect citizen information and glean data insights to deliver government services.

What does it mean for government?

The public sector is the custodian of the data it collects while delivering services. Government has a responsibility to provide technology system design, policies, practices, and standards that protect and preserve this data. As we bring our services into the digital age, citizens and businesses expect their sensitive information and identities to be protected.

For the Queensland Government, information technology continues to fundamentally transform the way Queenslanders experience our services.

With this comes the increased threat of cybercrime and information theft. The sophistication with which criminals are adopting and adapting new technology to conduct cybercrime seems to know no bounds.

The Queensland Government is acutely aware of cybercrime and recognises its important role as trusted custodian of Queensland's information and data. That's why the Queensland Government Cyber Security Unit works alongside agencies to help them understand their cybersecurity risks and where to concentrate their efforts. Sharing information securely helps government make good decisions and enhance our services to the people of Queensland.

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