Digital on Toast: Cyber Career pathways

Pathways you can take to launch your cyber security career.

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The increase in cybercrime presents evolving challenges for the Australian cyber security sector, which currently employs 26,500 workers. By 2024 it's anticipated an extra 7,000 cyber security jobs will need to be added to Australia's economy.

The prospect of this growth of positions, high salaries, excellent benefits, and seemingly endless career opportunities might make you consider a career in cyber security.

But there are also wider benefits to working as a cyber security professional. As a cyber security expert, you work to protect users, databases, websites, and devices connected to the Internet from malicious attacks. Keeping data safe, helps keep our communities safe and secure.

What type of skills do I need to be in cyber?

There are many roles in Cyber Security, and many different career backgrounds can position you for a career in Cyber Security.

Cyber Security roles and skills can include:

  • technical roles in network support
  • application design
  • policy development
  • organisational change management
  • communications
  • risk management
  • data analysis
  • problem management
  • enterprise and solution architecture.

More importantly than any specific background, to be successful in Cyber Security you need to have a passion for security and a desire to continually learn and develop new skills. Commonly identified qualities that employers look for in cyber security workers include:

  • Continuous learner
  • Persistence
  • Appetite to solve problems
  • Perception
  • Inquisitive nature
  • Strong communication skills – be able to speak to the broader business

Where do I find out more about cyber skills development?

The Queensland government values and fosters our growing cyber professional cohort, and is gradually developing a range of resources, services, and development opportunities.

Check out the Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture site for career pathways, or the develop digital and ICT capabilities sitefor current training opportunities.

AUCyberScape is a newly launched site that offers a range of interactive resources that may also be helpful if you are considering a cyber career.

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