Data, Information Sharing and Analytics Community of Practice

This group focusses on creating and embedding a culture that values data and analytics in the daily activities of all Queensland Government agencies, and on building interoperability in identity management and use between agencies, departments, other jurisdictions and industry.
Our group is rich in information, energy and influence. We seek to change data, information, analytics and identity management and practices through:

  • vendor presentations
  • agency showcases
  • updates from governance bodies and working groups
  • special interest groups

Use the Information sharing authorising framework to understand what you can share and how, or read more about information management.

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Special Interest Groups

In addition to the monthly Community of Practice meetings we host a number of special interest groups aiming to share and develop knowledge, tools and best practices on specific topics. The currently active special interest groups are

  • Data Literacy
  • Data Catalogue
  • Data Governance.

Leading agency

Communities, Housing and Digital Economy


This group is open to anyone in the Queensland Government or partner institutions with an interest in data and information management, analytics or identity management.


Our role is to:

  • promote the outcomes of agency data and information sharing and analytics activities
  • guide the development and promotion of guidelines and standards
  • identify and solve data, information sharing and analytics issues
  • provide a platform for members to ask and respond to questions
  • identify and promote opportunities to improve the maturity of the government's use of data, information and analytics
  • raise awareness of external factors and assess their impact
  • act as a point of escalation for subordinate groups requiring direction and support.

Meeting frequency