NDIS workforce strategy

1. About the strategy

The Queensland public sector NDIS workforce strategy (2015–2019) assists our agencies to manage the workforce impacts of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to Queensland Government employees.

The NDIS helps improve the lives of people with disability and create jobs in the disability sector. This growth means there are multiple career options available for Queensland Government employees impacted by the NDIS implementation.

The workforce strategy outlines our commitment to:

  • employment security for permanent employees
  • career pathways for impacted employees
  • principles for workforce management.

The workforce strategy allows for consistent workforce planning and transition across the state. It was developed through consultation with sector and union representatives.

The Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors (DCDSS) is leading the implementation of the NDIS in Queensland.

Download the Queensland public sector NDIS workforce strategy (2015–2019) (PDF, 216 KB).

Download the NDIS implementation support guide (PDF, 172 KB).

2. Career pathways for impacted employees

For permanent employees impacted by the NDIS rollout, there are number of career pathways available. For those who have opted for sector-wide priority transfer, employment opportunities within the Queensland Government will be maximised for existing permanent employees impacted by the NDIS rollout.

Employees are:

  • registered and given priority consideration to vacancies prior to advertising
  • assigned a Case Manager to assist in supporting employment security

Some employees not affected by the NDIS will continue to deliver disability services. These employees may need support to transition to a new working environment where customer focussed service delivery models will be a key business.

3. Directives and policies

4. Recruitment sites