Manage workplace incidents (WHS)


What is this?

Report and manage your workplace incidents, case and hazard management, risks, audits and inspections through the Workplace health and safety system (WHS).
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Workflow functionality

Eliminate manual processes with automated workflow of incidents, case and hazard management, risks, audits and inspections.

Aurion integration

WHS is integrated with Aurion to ensure you see up-to-date personal and position data.


Use business intelligence reporting to cut, slice and dice data. See a holistic representation of information via a dashboard or data exports.


Save time by streamlining processes

Complete end-to-end processes in one system. Follow your request from submission with workflowing, progress tracking and email notifications.

Gain efficiencies with automated reporting

Use automated business intelligence reporting to eliminate manual data manipulation.

Enjoy peace of mind

Use WHS to help ensure you’re complying with health and safety management legislative requirements.

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