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Make a complaint—Procurement

You have the right to make a complaint about any Queensland Government procurement process.

To make a complaint, there are several steps you can take.

Step 1: Seek feedback from the procuring agency

Before making a complaint, seek feedback about why your offer wasn’t successful from the government agency that managed the procurement process. 

The feedback can only be about your offer. It cannot be used to discuss:

  • the procurement process itself
  • the outcome
  • the merits or shortcomings of other offers.

Step 2: Raise your concerns with the procuring agency

If after feedback you wish to make a complaint, lodge your complaint with the procuring agency.

Check the procurement documents to see if a 'complaints officer' is listed and address your complaint to that person.

If a complaints officer is not listed, check the agency's website (usually under the 'contact us' section) to see where you can submit your complaint.

Step 3: Lodge a complaint with Queensland Government Procurement

If you are not satisfied with the response from the procuring agency, you can lodge a complaint with the government's Queensland Procurement Policy Compliance Unit (QPP Compliance Unit).

To contact the QPP Compliance Unit, email QPPCompliance@hpw.qld.gov.au or call 1300 105 030, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5pm.

Step 4: Pursue further options

If you still have concerns after taking the steps outlined above, there are other options. Depending on your situation, you may wish to:

  • Refer the matter to the Queensland Ombudsman who can investigate complaints about the actions and decisions of Queensland public agencies, which may be unlawful, unreasonable, unfair, discriminatory or otherwise wrong. For more details, contact the Ombudsman on (free call) 1800 068 908.
  • Raise concerns about official misconduct if you believe it has occurred. Visit the Crime and Misconduct Commission website or call (toll free) 1800 061 611.
  • Consider taking legal action. You should seek independent legal advice before taking this step.