Driver responsibilities

When driving a Queensland Government vehicle you must drive safely, and take reasonable care for your own health and safety as well as others.

Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 a vehicle used for the purpose of work is described as a workplace and you are required to act accordingly, and also adhere to your agency's WH&S policies and procedures.

Only use vehicles for business purposes

Government vehicles should be used for business purposes only and not for private use unless in exceptional circumstances where health and safety are at stake as governed by the Use of Government Owned Motor Vehicles and Parking of Private Vehicles on Official Premises policy.

Follow the Code of Conduct

Most government vehicles are easily identified by QG registration plates. You are more visible driving a government vehicle and your behaviour on the road reflects on the government as a whole.

As a public servant, you must follow the Queensland Government Code of Conduct and demonstrate a high standard of workplace behaviour and personal conduct when driving a government vehicle.

Drive safely and legally

You are responsible for:

  • holding a current and valid driver licence
  • abiding by all road rules
  • refraining from driving if impaired by tiredness or medication
  • only driving if you're physically fit to drive.

Know your vehicle

Familiarise yourself with how to operate the vehicle and safety features, for example:

  • checking if the vehicle has an electronic or foot operated parking brake
  • adjusting the seat, steering wheel and safety mirrors.

Inspect for any damage before you drive away. If you find any damage, you are obligated to report this as per your agencies WH&S policies and procedures.

Report any issues

Make sure you immediately report:

  • vehicle faults, such as a broken light, cracked windscreen or bald tyres
  • incidents required by traffic law and your agency's WH&S reporting policy and procedures, such as vehicle incidents, infringements and near misses.

Lodge insurance claims as soon as possible after an incident to enable vehicles to be repaired in a timely manner.

Do not smoke

Smoking is not allowed in government vehicles or carparks.