Reduce environmental impact when driving

As a driver or fleet manager there are simple measures you can take to improve the environmental performance of your QFleet vehicle or fleet. Many of these actions improve safety as well:

  • Check tyre pressure weekly. Driving with less than the recommended tyre pressure increases fuel consumption and emissions.
  • Remove any unnecessary weight (e.g. unrequired items in the boot), and do not overload the vehicle.
  • Drive smoothly by anticipating traffic conditions, accelerating conservatively and braking early and steadily.
  • Use cruise control when on the open road.
  • Plan your journey, combine trips and use public transport or walk whenever practical. Reduced driving means reduced fuel consumption.
  • Follow the manufacturer recommendations for maintenance and service repairs.
  • Whenever selecting a vehicle from your car pool or deciding on a new vehicle for the fleet, choose the lowest emission vehicle that will perform the task safely and efficiently.
  • Consider battery electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid or other low emissions vehicles.

Find out more about how to reduce the environmental impact of your vehicle/s in the QFleet Emissions Reduction Guide for the Queensland Government motor vehicle fleet (PDF, 2MB).