Making an insurance claim

It is important to lodge an insurance claim in a reasonable timeframe after an incident has occurred, and to include all necessary claim information.

This will assist in getting your QFleet vehicle repaired and back on the road sooner.

Lodge a claim by email or phone

To lodge a claim by phone:

  • phone the insurer claims 24/7 hotline on 1300 888 073
  • quote the vehicle registration number
  • specify that it is a QFleet vehicle
  • provide incident details including the other driver's name and driver licence information (including their street address on back of driver licence).

To lodge a claim by email:

If you have questions about insurance claims, call Vero Insurance on 1300 888 073.

Lodgement and repair timeframes

We recommend that claims are submitted promptly after an incident occurs, and no later than 10 days.

Claims need to be finalised no later than 60 days from the date of incident.

Vehicle repairs must be completed prior to end-of-lease.

Paying for repairs and excesses

Your agency will be required to pay the account if the damage caused by the incident is less than the applicable excess amount. It may be possible for the insurer to recover the cost of repairs if the other driver was at fault.

Injury or fatality

If fatalities and/or injury resulting from a motor vehicle incident involved a QFleet vehicle, the driver should complete a personal injury CTP notification form.

Suncorp is QFleet's CTP insurer for the current insurance period. Follow the Suncorp CTP application process.

Notify Vero Insurance of the incident, and follow your agencies WH&S reporting requirements.

Assistance with claims

Contact QFleet's insurance broker Michael Woolley: