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Leadership Roadmap - planning your leadership journey

What is the Leadership Roadmap?

Are you a leader who wants to transition to a more complex leadership role? Are you an individual who wants to lead a team? The Leadership Roadmap is a tool that draws on lessons learnt from leaders who have successfully made these transitions.

The whole-of-government Leadership Roadmap supports the Leadership talent management strategy and complements agency-led capability development initiatives. It aligns with the leadership and management behaviours in the Workforce Capability Success Profile across 4 roles: individual contributor, team leader, program manager and executive.

Download the Leadership Roadmap (PDF, 468 KB)

Leadership Roadmap principles

  1. The career pathways of high performing, high potential Queensland government leaders can inform the career journeys of others.
  2. Capacity to perform in a  role depends on the right balance of specialist knowledge and leadership and management behaviours.
  3. When transitioning to roles with a stronger focus on leadership and management, there is an increase in accountability and complexity..
  4. Individuals have primary responsibility for their own career development.
  5. During their working life individuals tend to have a number of different careers, with leadership and management expertise being increasingly transferable.
  6. Individuals build mobile careers and move side-ways and upwards to achieve their career and development objectives.
  7. Agencies may wish to adapt the whole-of-government Leadership Roadmap for particular occupational groups.

How the Leadership Roadmap can benefit you

The roadmap:

  • empowers you to build leadership capability through intentional development and career pathways
  • guides you at transition points by focussing on the most critical skills for success at each level
  • steers you towards experiences and development approaches that will best position you for your next career move
  • fosters constructive workplaces where you are supported to take responsibility for your leadership development.

Apply the Leadership Roadmap

You can use the roadmap by following these steps:

Leadership competencies

Use the roadmap’s key leadership competencies to inform the behaviours and skills you need to transition to a more complex leadership role.

 Individual contributor to team leaderTeam leader to program managerProgram manager to executive

Value proposition of desired role

  • Valued for experience in their technical area or discipline, and ability to lead others

  • Manages the delivery of work outcomes as part of a team

  • Valued for managerial expertise and ability to lead others

  • Leads the delivery of work programs through others

  • Valued for leadership and vision and building high performing organisations

Key leadership competency of desired role*

*ensure you understand the full range of leadership competencies relevant to a role (see Workforce Capability Success Profile)

  • Understands how their team’s work aligns to organisational objectives

  • Inspires individual and team commitment in the pursuit of results

  • Applies business management skills

  • Implements change

  • Demonstrates broad perspective

  • Navigates ambiguity and politics

  • Displays courage in the provision of advice

  • Commits to personal development

  • Leads change

  • Leads strategically with vision

  • Leads change with agility

How does the Roadmap link with other leadership talent management initiatives?

The Leadership talent management strategy is an integrated approach to building leadership across the Queensland public service. The strategy ensures we have a depth of leadership talent to address current and future workforce challenges, and that leaders are supported to develop throughout their career.

The Leadership Roadmap has been informed by insights from the sector’s high performing and high potential leaders, drawing on:

Technical leadership

If you are seeking guidance on how to advance in your technical field of expertise but do not aspire to a more challenging leadership role, the Leadership Roadmap may not be what you are looking for.

Talk to your supervisor or HR advisor about the technical expertise needed for a specific position and how to develop these abilities.