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Leaders Capability Assessment and Development (LCAD)

The Leaders Capability Assessment and Development (LCAD) initiative provides leaders with insights into their leadership preferences and readiness for greater leadership roles. Chandler Macleod delivers LCAD.

Participants receive an individual report and a development plan at the end of the process. LCAD assesses leaders against the relevant leadership competencies outlined in the  Workforce Capability Success Profile.


LCAD is open to  team leaders and program managers as defined in the Workforce Capability Success Profile. Individual contributors who are aspiring to undertake more challenging leadership roles may also benefit from participating.

The Chief Human Resource Officer will nominate participants for LCAD, with the support of their supervisor. Agencies may consider nominating those leaders who are at transition points in their careers, those with unknown strengths and areas for development, and aspiring leaders.

Email LCAD@psc.qld.gov.au for information about how to register participants.


Online questionnaires and assessments:

  • Background and career history
  • Professional styles assessment
  • Cognitive ability assessment
  • Leadership self-assessment
  • Supervisor assessment

After completing the assessment, an electronic copy of the leadership report is sent. During a one-hour debrief with a consultant from Chandler Macleod, the report is discussed and a personalised development plan is provided.


LCAD has been designed to support the intended outcomes of the leadership talent management strategy, giving:

  • insight into participants’ leadership preferences and building self-awareness, through a reliable and valid assessment of these preferences and readiness for greater leadership challenges
  • a tailored and customised development plan for leaders, to support ongoing professional development
  • individual, agency and whole of sector benchmarking and comparative Team Leader and Program Manager profile reports
  • agencies and the Public Service Commission (PSC) a line of sight to their leadership bench strength through the ‘Leadership Talent Portal’, which facilitates targeted sector and agency investment in leadership development
  • access to other aligned development offerings, such as 360 degree feedback assessment and coaching, through Chandler Macleod.


LCAD results are designed to support leadership development. Given the supervisor’s role in the process, participants are encouraged to share their LCAD experience and feedback.

The PSC and Chief Human Resource Officers will be able to access LCAD profiles to support development and talent management strategies.