Leader Connect

Leader Connect experiences enable leaders to equip themselves with the agility and breadth of skills needed to best meet the needs of our customers, the people of Queensland. Activities are aligned to the Advancing Queensland's Priorities and Leadership competencies for Queensland.

Leader Connect experiences

Leader Connect experiences are flexible placements in another workplace, ranging from days to months, designed to meet the needs of the participant, their agency and the host organisation. Placements can be in any number of workplaces, locations, or business types. The options are infinite.

  • Individuals arrange a placement that suits their development needs and workplace.
  • Managers support their team members to improve their team performance in the long term
  • Organisations build flexible agile cultures, sought-after by high performers
  • HR uses its strategic skills to build high performing workplaces 

See Talent Now to find opportunities, or advertise, short term vacancies.

Experiences may be facilitated by the Public Service Commission to meet specific development needs, based on the Leadership competencies for Queensland. Details of the arrangement will be negotiated between the home and host organisation.



  • broaden their perspective
  • are challenged
  • collaborate and innovate with others
  • establish new relationships and networks.

Home agencies:

  • gain wider appreciation of organisational issues from the leader's temporary immersion in another workplace
  • work across boundaries through greater collaboration
  • transfer knowledge and gain fresh perspectives
  • provide opportunities for emerging talent to backfill the participating leader's role.

Host organisations:

  • gain new ways of looking at challenges
  • tap into new skills and experiences
  • establish opportunities for greater collaboration with the public service.

Queensland public sector:

  • establish a talent pipeline for the public sector’s most senior leadership roles
  • gain a flexible and mobile cohort of leaders
  • establish opportunities to collaborate and innovate across sectors
  • gain relationships and new networks across different cultures and groups.