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Leader Connect overview

Andrew Buckley - Leader Connect participant
Maria Mohr Buckley - Volunteer Connect participant

Leader Connect brokers real experiences within and outside government to enable leaders to equip themselves with the agility and breadth of skills needed to best meet the needs of our customers, the people of Queensland. It is a key deliverable of our integrated approach to grow leadership capability. 


Participants are identified through leadership capability assessment and development initiatives, and performance information.

Leader Connect experiences

Leader Connect experiences are flexible, ranging from days to months, and designed to meet the needs of the participant, their home agency and, where appropriate, the host organisation. Some options include:

Experiences are organised by the Public Service Commission to meet specific development needs.

Typically, the home agency will cover placement costs. Specific arrangements may be negotiated with the host organisation.

Guides and templates



  • broaden their perspective
  • are challenged
  • collaborate and innovate with others
  • establish new relationships and networks.

Home agencies:

  • gain wider appreciation of organisational issues from the leader's temporary immersion in another workplace
  • work across boundaries through greater collaboration
  • transfer knowledge and gain fresh perspectives
  • provide opportunities for emerging talent to backfill the participating leader's role.

Host organisations:

  • gain new ways of looking at challenges
  • tap into new skills and experiences
  • establish opportunities for greater collaboration with the public service.

Queensland public service:

  • establish a talent pipeline for the public service's most senior leadership roles
  • gain a flexible and mobile cohort of leaders
  • establish opportunities to collaborate and innovate across sectors
  • gain relationships and new networks across different cultures and groups.

Interested in a Leader Connect placement?

Before placement

  • You will need to talk with your supervisor about the benefits and implications of your release, and seek approval (possible approval from your chief executive officer) to participate in a placement.
  • You will be assigned a PSC case manager who will organise your placement and the terms of the placement with you, your home agency and the host organisation. They will also help you to complete a development plan.
  • Your home agency will cover placement costs, including your salary and, where appropriate, an external coach. Specific salary arrangements may be negotiated with the host organisation. The case manager is provided by the PSC.

During placement

  • You may be connected with an external coach (at home agency expense).
  • You will reflect on your learnings. The PSC case manager will see the connection through to fruition and maintain regular contact with all parties involved.

Completion of placement

  • You will review your development goals, set at the start of the placement, and put in place actions about how your agency and the broader public sector would benefit from your return.
  • You will need to debrief and seek feedback from your supervisor and host organisation.