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Lattice Replacement

Start date: 
April 2016


Queensland Shared Services (QSS) currently provides HR and payroll services to Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) using the Lattice Human Resource Information System. 

The Lattice Replacement project will electronically migrate all active QCS, QAS and QFES employees (approximately 14,000) from Lattice to the Aurion ACE environment. The Inspector-General Emergency Management (IGEM) was migrated manually to the Aurion ACE environment in June 2016.

Migrating to Aurion will provide these agencies with the benefit of a fully supported system and align them with the payroll system common to the rest of the Queensland Government. This consolidation means that future machinery-of-government (MoG) changes and inter-agency staff movements will be much easier.

After each agency migration, transitioned employees will be paid from the Aurion system and will have access to Aurion Employee Self-Service (ESS). This functionality gives employees the ability to maintain their payroll information and, in most cases, access to an expanding suite of online forms.

Agencies involved

Inspector-General Emergency Management
Justice and Attorney-General
Queensland Ambulance Service
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services


  • Ensures vendor support for Aurion HR and payroll service delivery, giving customers peace of mind and seamless processing.
  • Increases value-for-money by using a consolidated system, including optional automated processes, workflows and self service capability.
  • Supports multiple, complex industrial relations awards and integrates with existing systems ensuring employees in all roles are supported.
  • Provides greater support for employees moving between agencies (including machinery-of-government) by supporting most agencies through the same payroll system.

Key milestones

Target implementation timelines are:

  • QAS: Go live 4 March 2019
  • QFES: To be confirmed

Project phase

QCS migration is complete. QAS migration is in Realisation phase.


Lattice Replacement project team
Sue Williams (07) 3721 9216 or Sean Gorman (07) 3179 1013