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January 2016 update—Inclusion Champions of Change

Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

  • Committed to rolling out flexible work with the development of a comprehensive package.
  • Leading new ways to support recently arrived migrants with the provision of work placements — keen to share these initiatives with colleagues.

Department of Energy and Water Supply

  • Launched ‘Agile Working’ (All Roles Flex) under the banner of high performing cultures. Our approach is that in order to perform, we need diverse skills and backgrounds, and in order to have diversity, we need flexible work arrangements.
  • Shifting organisation culture by enabling staff to opt in or out of timesheets.
  • Emphasising flexible work opportunities, front and centre of position descriptions.

Department of Health

  • Leveraging change through 3 key focus areas — diversity and inclusion, leadership, and culture and engagement.
  • Commitment to health and wellbeing week — sponsorship and participation in key activities.
  • Established a health women’s network to challenge the status quo.
  • Ran an unconscious bias panel with more than 300 people attending.

Public Service Commission

  • Committing to an All Roles Flex approach, which has seen a number of people at all levels — and in a broad range of roles — take up new flexible arrangements including working from home.
  • Looking at different recruitment avenues to widen the search for suitable candidates (e.g. National Disability Recruitment Coordinator)
  • Established an Inclusion and Diversity group on the Queensland Government Yammer network.
  • Using policy crowd sourcing website Mindhive to discuss flexible work arrangements, merit myths and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander recruitment and retention.