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Issue an invoice to a customer or agency (accounts receivable)

Your agency may do this differently.

The process for collecting revenue differs by agency. Talk to your finance team or see your agency intranet.

Process overview

In general, this is how money is received from a customer or agency.

  1. Customer requests supply of goods or services
  2. Goods or services supplied
  3. Either:
    • Generate an invoice
    • Customer pays at time of supply
  4. If customer does not pay, forward to debt recovery

If this is the first time this customer has paid your agency, you may need to complete an additional form to create the customer in SAP.

Directives, policies and guidelines

See your agency’s Financial Management Practice Manual (FMPM) for policy statements and guidelines. The FMPM is developed in accordance with the Queensland Treasury Financial Accountability Handbook.

Talk to your finance team or see your intranet for your agency’s revenue policy.

Payment options

This table shows some ways to receive money, however, processes differ by agency. Contact your finance area or see your intranet for agency options.

Issue single invoice—online

General Purpose Revenue Voucher (GPRV) eForm
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers on SAP ECC6
Queensland Shared Services
Reduce preparation time
Customer validation
Track progress
Contact us
24 hours

Issue single or multiple invoices—offline

Manual GPRV
Queensland Shared Services (QSS) customers
Queensland Shared Services
Interactive form
Simple and accessible
Contact us
3 days