Introduction to human-centred design eLearning pilot


What is this?

Complete this pilot eLearning to get an overview of Queensland Government human-centred design (HCD) concepts and process.
All employees
Level of expertise
Must have completed Introduction to Customer 1st eLearning.
Approximately 30 minutes


eLearning format

Complete the training at your desk in your own time.

Interactive elements

Optimise your learning through activities that test and consolidate your knowledge.

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Real-life examples and case studies

Learn the value of HCD practice through Queensland Government employee testimonials and case studies.


Understand HCD

You’ll learn about:

  • the HCD process
  • the benefits of taking a HCD approach
  • examples of where HCD has been used
  • development opportunities in HCD.

Apply HCD

Learn how to:

  • use the HCD process
  • identify HCD opportunities.

What next?

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