Innovation case studies

See examples of Queensland Government advancing our digital future below.

1. API management increasing data sharing

Read about the Science Division’s API management proof of concept, and how it could transform their legacy web services into fully managed, open and interoperable data services.

2. Better Connecting Queensland GPs and Public Hospitals

See the benefits of this project to share patient healthcare information between Queensland GPs and public hospitals.

3. Better patient care through digital

Discover how going digital is benefiting hospital patients and medical professionals.

4. Central Queensland Disaster Hack 2018

Read about CQ Disaster Hack 2018 and the innovative and collaborative solutions participants developed to address the challenges of disaster management.

5. Cooperative Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) pilot

Read about how the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) pilot is making roads safer with new vehicle technology.

6. DES supercharges its High Performance Computing platform

Read about how the Department of Environment and Science upgraded its HPC platform to give Queensland scientists more capability to manage environmental issues.

7. Digitally Integrated Stroke Care (DISC) Project

Read about how the Digitally Integrated Stroke Care (DISC) Project will enhance the Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR) to reduce the data entry burden on clinical staff, and integrate data capture with clinical workflow processes.

8. Digital Outpatient Transfer of Care (DOToC)

The digital hospital provides many challenges and opportunities. The Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR) offers the potential to refine current systems and processes to increase efficiency and safety in the transfer of care communication from outpatient clinics.

9. Digitising the Queensland Herbarium's specimen collections

Read about how the Queensland Herbarium intends to digitise its 860,000 specimen collections in 4 years.

10. Digitising Patient Flow

Read about how the Integrated Electronic Medical Record (ieMR) and digitising patient flow is improving the quality and efficiency of care for patients.

11. Green turtles thrive

Find out how drones are helping to protect and restore marine habitat in the Great Barrier Reef.

12. Improved outpatient clinic utilisation

Find out how Queensland Health improved outpatient clinic utilisation by reducing the number of patients who fail to attend appointments.

13. New web application improves fire danger prediction

Find out how digitising complex fire management calculations is making bush fire danger prediction more accurate.

14. Onboarding mobile App—CrewCHQ

Learn more about Children’s Health Queensland's (CHQ) innovative way to help medical officers strengthen their professional knowledge and abilities while seamlessly accessing the information they need to improve patient experience.

15. Preventing and managing childhood obesity

Learn how Children's Health Queensland is using the web to positively impact children's health.

16. Reduce miles, spread smiles

Read about Queensland Health's use of telemedicine to treat regional patients with kidney disease.

17. SMS support for regional patients

Discover how Queensland Health is using text messaging to support regional parents with perinatal mental health challenges.

18. Storm tide forecasting with machine learning

Read about the Coastal Impact Unit’s machine learning proof of concept, and how machine learning could help predict storm surge levels up to 24 hours in advance.

19. TMR builds digital capability

Find out how TMR aims to meet the challenges and expectations of an increasingly digital world.

20. TMR Design Thinking Week 2018

Find out how TMR's second annual Design Thinking Week helped employees increase their digital capability.

21. TMR inspectors get mobile compliance information

See how TMR are making roadside compliance checks more efficient.

22. Trauma Integrated Clinical Systems (TrICS) project

See the details of this project to collate trauma-related data from multiple sources into a single repository for clinical use.