QSA client services charter

Who we are

Queensland State Archives (QSA) government services supports effective records management across Queensland Government so the records of Queensland are proactively created, managed and preserved for current and future generations.

Government records are a fundamental element of our democracy and are the cornerstone of an accountable and transparent society.

Our client services charter sets out our commitment to you, outlines the standard of service that you can expect from us and how you can help us ensure our services meet your needs.

What we do


  • issue policies, standards and guidelines under the Public Records Act 2002
  • liaise with government agencies to receive transfers of permanent archival value records
  • provide records management advice, information, services and tools across multiple channels
  • help determine what records of the Queensland government are of permanent value and need to be kept forever
  • administer restricted access periods for records transferred to QSA
  • authorise the disposal of Queensland public records
  • ensure ongoing discoverability and access to records once transferred to QSA
  • safeguard the longevity of records by managing and providing advice on storage, handling, pest management considerations and environmental control of the records
  • provide a file issue service to allow you to access your agency's records held at QSA
  • consult and collaborate with agencies on significant records management projects and initiatives.

Our commitment to you

We will:

  • provide clear and relevant advice, information and services
  • be professional, courteous, efficient and sensitive to diverse requirements
  • act with honesty and integrity
  • enable you and your team to find the most appropriate solutions
  • respond to all queries in a timely manner with consideration to timeframes
  • contact you if we need more time or information to respond to your enquiry or request
  • let you know if we are unable to assist you and why, and make every effort to provide details of resources to use or who to contact for further information
  • review our client services charter regularly to meet the evolving needs of government and society.

How you can help us

  • Utilise the advice and information available on our website to find a solution prior to contacting us for advice.
  • Provide us with complete and accurate information, including documentation where necessary.
  • Inform us if your enquiry is urgent and why, so we can assess and prioritise it accordingly.
  • Invite us to contribute and/or participate at meetings, events and forums.


Our online records management advice and resources are available for private organisations and citizens to use as a guide for best practice.

If you send us a request for advice on records management we will respond appropriately or let you know if we are unable to help.

If you think you have Queensland public records in your possession, please contact us as we will be able to assess them and provide advice on what to do.

Provide feedback

We value your feedback and will use it where we can to improve our resources and services so that they meet your needs.

You can provide feedback by calling us on 3037 6777, use our online feedback form or send us an email.