Publications, forms and templates

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See the glossary for recordkeeping and archival terms and their definitions.

Legislation, policies and standards


For more information see Understand your legislative responsibilities.

Policies and guidelines


QSA publications

Managing records in your agency

For more information see Records governance and responsibilities and Develop your agency's records governance framework.

Templates for your recordkeeping policies and procedures

For more information see Develop recordkeeping policies, procedures and tools.


For more information see Recordkeeping training.

Create and capture records

For more information see Decide what to capture and how.

Building information modelling (BIM) records

Social media

For more information see Capturing and managing social media records.

Storage and preservation

For more information see Store and preserve records.

Business systems

Retention and disposal

For forms and applications relating to appraisal, or disposal authorisation see Forms.

Sentencing and disposal authorisation

For more information see About retention and disposal schedules and Find out how long to keep records (sentence records).

Destroy records

For more information see How to destroy records.

Moving records between office locations

For more information see Moving records between office locations.

Schedule development and templates

For more information see Develop or review a retention and disposal schedule.

Appraisal log

Background information

Legislative mapping

Retention and disposal schedule

Summary of changes

Transfer and manage records at QSA

For more information see Transfer records to QSA.

For forms relating to transferring and managing records at QSA, see Forms.

ArchivesGateway user guides

Machinery-of-government and administrative change

For more information see Recordkeeping during machinery-of-government and administrative changes.



Contact us if you require a Word 97-2003 compatible format, or one that can be printed and filled out.

Complete forms electronically wherever possible.

Forms can be signed digitally if your agency has appropriate processes in place to ensure the signature's authenticity. You must save digitally signed forms as PDF before submitting to QSA.

All forms should be sent back to the nominated email address on the form.

List any supporting documentation on the form and attach it to the email separately when submitting.

Appraisal and disposal authorisation

Transfer and manage records at QSA

Case studies