Gated assurance

The role of assurance is to provide information to those that sponsor, govern and manage a project to help them make informed decisions to promote the conditions for success, reduce the causes of failure, and deliver improved outcomes.

We recommend you begin by learning about the ICT investment review process, particularly the review process steps and how the review submissions align with gated assurance. You should also:

  • complete the Assurance profiling tool to determine the assurance level of a program or project
  • develop an assurance plan
  • arrange assurance from an appropriate provider
  • work with the Office of Assurance and Investment (OAI) to monitor and report on assurance gates
  • ensure submissions to the ICT Investment review are supported by appropriate assurance and resultant action plans.

Guiding policy and frameworks

When applying gated assurance, the following policy and supporting frameworks are essential to understand:

All projects that have received project commencement approval and are required to apply the PAF should also be submitting for Investment Review and undertake appropriate gated assurance.

Assurance obligations of digital and ICT—enabled programs and projects

Watch the following video explaining these obligations presented by Brian Phillips, Facilitator and Consultant at Yellowhouse Best Management Practice.

The Queensland Government endorses the use of the OGC GatewayTM process that applies six focused reviews during the life of a program or project.

Visit the Queensland Treasury website for a detailed guide to the focus area of each gate.

Assurance for Agile projects

For Agile delivered projects, the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group (QGCDG) endorses the use of the United Kingdom Cabinet Office Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s Guide on assurance for agile delivery of digital services, Annex A.

The 4 phases of assurance planning using Agile

  • Pre-discovery examines readiness to begin an agile project and will consider user needs, vision and outcomes, risk and issue controls and governance.
  • End of Alpha reviews prioritisation of user needs, formation of Minimal Viable Product (deliverables) and continuing viability of business case.
  • End of Beta or Pre live checks readiness of Minimal Viable Product (deliverables) to be released to end users and assesses project controls and operational readiness.
  • Live confirms ongoing development and release management, benefits, lessons learned and knowledge transfer from project into the operational environment.

However, if your agency prefers, traditional Gateway reviews can also be applied.