Program and project assurance policy

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November 2018–current
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This Queensland Government Enterprise Architecture (QGEA) policy seeks to ensure a structured, effective and consistent approach for program and project assurance is adopted across the Queensland Government. The establishment of a consistent assurance process is critical to improve confidence in information regarding programs and projects and to support successful delivery of ICT and ICT-enabled initiatives and services across the Queensland Government.

Policy statement

The Queensland Government will adopt a structured, effective and consistent approach to program and project assurance for ICT and ICT-enabled initiatives.

ICT-enabled initiatives are focused on delivering improvements to the way of doing business, using ICT as an element. Any initiative requiring information technology and/or communications technology to realise outputs, outcomes and/or benefits is considered ICT-enabled.

Policy benefits

The implementation of a structured, effective and consistent approach to program and project assurance will:

  • improve visibility to the accountable officer, by providing an independent perspective and recommendations to support improved decision making
  • reduce incidents of unexpected program and project events that have a negative impact by identifying issues for resolution earlier in the program or projects lifecycle
  • increase the likelihood of successful delivery of programs and projects.


This policy applies to all Queensland Government departments (as defined by the Public Sector Act 2022). Accountable officers (not already in scope of the Public Sector Act 2022) and statutory bodies under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2019 must have regard to this policy in the context of internal controls, financial information management systems and risk management. Please see the Applicability of the QGEA for further information.

Policy requirements

Policy requirement 1:Departments must apply structured, effective and consistent program and project assurance

Departments must implement the Program and project assurance framework during the delivery of all ICT and ICT-enabled initiatives.


The Program and project assurance framework describes assurance levelling and the activities required to identify and implement the appropriate level of assurance for programs and projects involving ICT and ICT-enabled initiatives.

Issue and review

Issue date: November 2018
Next review date: November 2020

This QGEA policy is published within the QGEA and is administered by the Queensland Government Customer and Digital Group. It is developed by the ICT Governance and Risk Management team and approved by the Queensland Government Chief Information Officer.


This policy comes into effect from the issue date.