Information architecture

To make it simpler and faster for customers to get things done with the Queensland Government, all content on is organised in a customer-centric way. This means content is categorised by topic or audience (e.g. 'Community support' or 'Seniors') instead of agency or department names. Each category is known as a franchise. Agencies that participate in this distributed content design model can contribute content to one or many franchises. To learn more, read about the Queensland Government website.

Currently, the website follows an information architecture (IA) similar to:

Level Page typeExample
Level 0 Home page
Level 1 Topics and audiences
Level 2 Franchise landing pages
Level 3 Topic index pages*

Aggregation pages**      
Level 4 Content pages

* Franchise websites can have multiple levels of topic index pages above a content page.
** An aggregation page type can be used as a landing page for a standalone service, initiative or campaign website.

The SWE provides Level 1-4 page templates based on this IA model.

Content linking

In addition to navigational linking, franchise websites can link to:

  • different sections/services within
  • to other franchises
  • external websites.

This is necessary when content is relevant to more than one section of the IA or to more than one franchise audience.

Ideally, links should use the same teaser text and thumbnail images as those used in the host location. The breadcrumb, section navigation and URL of the linked page should display where it is actually built in the IA.

When linking outside of a franchise, always consider the customer journey. It is better to take the customer directly to the content they are looking for rather than duplicating it or creating a page that represents an ‘extra click’ and offers little additional value.

When linking to non-Queensland Government websites give preference to credible and authoritative .gov, .edu and .org websites (e.g. peak industry associations, statutory authorities and other government or government-funded websites). Avoid links to commercial websites as these may appear to convey endorsement or affiliation.

More guidelines on content and linking can be found in the Queensland Government Web writing and style guide.