RMS 4.5 The server is overloaded

HTTP status: 503 Service unavailable

HTTP headers: Retry-After (optional)

Either a timestamp (HTTP-date) or an integer number of seconds signifying when it is expected the resource will be available again.

HTML document*:

Content element to contain the following text:

The requested resource is temporarily unavailable due to high demand on the server

An optional custom message can be included here.

Please try this address again at a later date**.

Further assistance

Please contact us if you require further assistance with your request.

*Optionally, in the case of server overload, this message can be sent without CUE branding or not at all (i.e.: The 503 status may be sent with an empty document body, or no response may be sent). A defensive position against Denial Of Service attacks might be to not respond to incoming HTTP requests for a period

**Optionally this text can be replaced with a specific date and/or time (specifying AEST) that it is expected the resource will become available again (in which case a Retry-After header should also be used).