RMS 4.1 An internal error prevented the resource from being presented

HTTP status: 500 Internal server error

HTTP headers: Standard content delivery headers only are required for this situation

HTML document:

Content element to contain the following text:

A server error has prevented the requested resource from being displayed

The administration team has been notified of this error.*

An optional custom message can be included here.


  • Try to access this address again in 30 minutes**.
  • Contact the administration team directly if you would like to be informed when the problem has been rectified.

Further assistance

Please contact us if you require further assistance with your request.

*Note: This paragraph is optional and implies that an email (or other notification) has been sent automatically to the site administration team. If a notification is not able to be sent, this paragraph should be replaced with 'Please contact the administration team to inform them of this error'.

**Note: This duration should be adjusted to match your typical disaster recovery period for the site/application this message is being used with.