RMS 1.3 A resource under review with an uncertain future

HTTP status: 404 Not found*

HTTP headers: Retry-After (optional)

Either a timestamp (HTTP-date) or an integer number of seconds signifying when it is expected the resource will become available again.

HTML document:

Content element to contain the following text:

The requested resource is currently under review

This resource has been removed pending a review of its contents. After review, it may be available again at this address.

An optional custom message can be included here.

Please try this address again at a later date.**

Further assistance

Please contact us if you require further assistance with your request.

*Note: The 404 status may seem counter-intuitive but it is recommended for this specific situation in the HTTP 1.1 specification when discussing removed documents (see: HTTP/1.1 - 10.4.11 410 Gone).

**Note: Optionally this text can be replaced with a specific date and/or time (specifying AEST) that it is expected the resource will become available again (in which case a Retry-After header should also be used).