Module 7: Checkpoint summary

All of the requirements and their conformance levels for this module are presented here. This summary can be used as a quick checklist for evaluating web pages.

Checkpoint 1 - Video on Queensland Government websites

Conformance: Mandatory

If used, online video must be published on Queensland Government websites.

Agencies may also publish videos to third party websites, provided a risk assessment is conducted.

Checkpoint 2 - Adding value

Conformance: Mandatory

Online video must add value to the content.

The web page used to display or link to a video must include an overview of the contents of the video.

Checkpoint 3 - Equivalent alternatives for auditory and visual content

Conformance: Mandatory (Optional for storyboards)

Videos must include equivalent alternatives for auditory and visual content.

The equivalent alternatives that must be included are:

Video may also be published with storyboards.

Checkpoint 4 - User control

Conformance: Mandatory

Videos must not automatically play on page load.

When inactive, videos must display a still image extracted from the video.

Users must have full access to video controls at all times including: play, pause, fast forward, rewind, volume, full screen (if available), captions, audio description.

Checkpoint 5 - Keyboard access

Conformance: Mandatory

Embedded video must support full keyboard control.

Embedded video must not act as a keyboard trap.

Checkpoint 6 - Display size

Conformance: Mandatory

Video must display at a maximum size of 640 x 480 if the space is available.

Video must resize down from the maximum size when space is not available.

The source video must be compressed for 640 x 480.

Note: Fullscreen or 'faux fullscreen' (i.e: larger video in a floating layer or lightbox) modes may also be provided.

Checkpoint 7 - Browser support

Conformance: Mandatory

Agencies must provide video formats that support all browsers on the full browser support list.

Checkpoint 8 - Video format

Conformance: Desirable

Video should be provided in an open source format.

Checkpoint 9 - File optimisation

Conformance: Mandatory

Video files must be optimised.

Checkpoint 10 - Long videos

Conformance: Mandatory

Long videos (over 10 minutes in length) must:

  • use progressive buffering


  • be available in sections (including a full version).

Checkpoint 11 - Online performance measurement

Conformance: Desirable

The use of videos should be measured.