Module 7: Checkpoint 2—Adding value

Conformance: Mandatory


Online video must add value to the content.

The web page used to display or link to a video must include an overview of the contents of the video.

Benefits of conformance

  • Improved search engine listing, resource discovery and content promotion.
  • Users can read a summary of the video that assists them to identify their required information, before they open or download the video.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Inefficient use of resources.
  • User frustration and reverse channel migration.
  • Implementation advice

More information

Online video does not always add value to a website. Checkpoint 1 - Video on Queensland Government websites mandates that agencies only use video when it is relevant to the surrounding content, embedded near the content to which it relates and adds meaning that is not accomplished through text and other web page elements (excluding equivalent alternatives).

An example of correct use of video with the video adding additional information or value to the media statement shown.

Correct implementation: The video is not a duplication of the content and adds value over the plain text.

An example of incorrect use of video, where the image next to the media statement text adds no additional information or value.

Incorrect implementation: The video is a duplication of the content and does not add value over the plain text.

Peter Clifton, head of BBC news:

'What irritates the hell out of people is if they click a story which says 'Britain buys 100 new tanks for the war in Afghanistan' they then click on the video and it's just a bloke standing in Whitehall saying 'they're going to buy 100 new tanks for the war in Afghanistan.' The viewer could say 'you've wasted my time'.'