Module 3: Checkpoint 2—Moving a resource

Conformance: Mandatory


When a resource is moved, an appropriate HTTP status message must be presented at the disused URL.

Benefits of conformance

  • Persistence of search engine rankings from the old to the new resource location.
  • Broken links are managed.
  • Simplify maintenance processes for updating links to moved resources.
  • Consistent, quality experience for users of the site.
  • Increased site credibility and levels of user trust.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Possible increase in offline channel requests for moved information.
  • Loss of all search engine ranking for the affected page and for important keywords on that page.
  • Reduced site credibility and levels of user trust.

Implementation advice


HTTP redirection is useful as a fallback measure for when a URL is no longer be persisted because the resource has been relocated.

See the Moving a resource section from the HTTP Status Message Guidelines for further information about how to meet this requirement.