Module 3: Checkpoint 1—Designing URLs

Conformance: Mandatory


Agencies must design URLs to last.

Benefits of conformance

  • A consistent, quality experience for users of the site.
  • Increased site credibility and levels of user trust.
  • Well designed URLs are more marketable and memorable.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Users encounter site errors with increased frequency.
  • Possible increase in offline channel requests for inexplicably removed information.
  • Reduced site credibility and levels of user trust.

Implementation advice


Thought should be given to longevity when designing URLs. Once published, a URL should be available forever, even if the resource associated with that URL is removed. (See Checkpoint 6 – Handling errors)

A number of general principles apply when making decisions on the creation of a new URL:

  • URLs should be simple and easy to read and remember.
  • All URLs should be designed with the view to ensuring persistence over a lengthy period of time.
  • Avoid referring to temporary constructs such as organisational structure.

See the URL design guidelines for further information about how to meet this requirement.