Module 1: Checkpoint summary

All of the requirements and their conformance levels for this module are presented here. This summary can be used as a quick checklist for evaluating web pages.

Checkpoint 1 - CUE template requirements

Conformance: Mandatory

Agencies must conform to the requirements for markup, presentation and behaviour included with the CUE template.

These requirements cover, but are not limited to:

Markup: Head, body, header, navigation, content, footer.

Presentation: Skip links, page layout, header, navigation, content, footer, print.

Behaviour: Skip links, navigation, content.

Note: Use of the CUE template is not mandatory, but use of the CUE template represents a cost-effective way for agencies to meet the requirements.

Checkpoint 2 - Page layout

Conformance: Mandatory

Page layouts must use a fluid width approach with a maximum width for all content elements, as specified in the CUE template conformance requirements.

Page layout must support small browser windows and low resolution devices without introducing horizontal scrollbars.

Checkpoint 3 - Browser and device support

Conformance: Mandatory

Agencies must develop and test sites to support all browsers and/or devices on the full and reduced browser support lists.

Checkpoint 4 - Progressive enhancement

Conformance: Desirable

Agencies should follow the progressive enhancement methodology outlined in the browser support plan.

Checkpoint 5 - Advertising

Conformance: Mandatory

Queensland Government websites must not offer advertising for private individuals, firms or corporations.

Checkpoint 6 - Font family

Conformance: Mandatory

Verdana must be the primary font. The default font family (in order of precedence) must be Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans serif.

Other font families, such as Trebuchet, may be considered for headings.

Checkpoint 7 - Text sizes

Conformance: Mandatory

Websites must conform to the minimum text sizes, as specified below.

The site navigation must be 80% (optional bold font weight) of the browser default.

The minimum size of text within other sections must be:

  • Body copy – 80%
  • Site utilities – 75%
  • Section navigation - 75%
  • Section navigation sub-items - 75%
  • Page options – 75%
  • Breadcrumbs – 75%
  • Heading 1 – 160%
  • Heading 2 – 140%
  • Heading 3 – 120%
  • Heading 4 – 100%
  • Last updated date – 70%
  • Last reviewed date – 70%
  • Asides column – 75%
  • Captions – 75%
  • Fat footer – 75%
  • Footer – 75%.

Checkpoint 8 - Font colour contrast

Conformance: Mandatory

The colour contrast on all text must have a contrast ratio to the background of at least 4.5:1.

Refer to Module 2: Screen layout, checkpoint 20 for font colour requirements for main content.

Checkpoint 9 - Link colours

Conformance: Mandatory (Blue/purple colour desirable)

Links must be a different colour to non-linking text.

Links must have a minimum colour contrast ratio to the background of at least 4.5:1.

For consistency, it is recommended that agency sites use blue for unvisited links and purple for visited links.

Checkpoint 10 - Underlining of links

Conformance: Mandatory

Underlining must only be used on hyperlinks, not unlinked content.

Links in the main content area and in the asides column must be permanently underlined.

All other links, apart from the file type and size when linking to non-HTML documents, must underline on focus/hover.

The file type and size when linking to non-HTML documents must be hyperlinked but not be underlined either permanently or on hover. Refer to Module 6: Non-HTML documents, Checkpoint 6: File types and sizes in links.

Checkpoint 11 - Text alternatives

Conformance: Mandatory

All images must have a text alternative; except for images that do not add value to the content (e.g. decorative images).

Decorative images must have a null alt attribute e.g. alt="".

Checkpoint 12 - Text headings must not be displayed as images

Conformance: Mandatory

Images must not be used in place of text headings (e.g. navigation headings, content headings).

Checkpoint 13 - Launching new windows

Conformance: Mandatory (Desirable for non-HTML documents to open in standalone applications)

Websites and web applications must not launch new browser windows.

When linking to non-HTML files, such as Excel, Word or PDF, these documents should open in standalone applications, instead of opening within the browser.

Refer to Checkpoint 8 - Metadata in Module 6: Non-HMTL documents for more information.

Checkpoint 14 - Online files must be optimised

Conformance: Desirable

All web resources and assets should be optimised for performance. This includes images, stylesheets, scripts, PDF, and PowerPoint.

Checkpoint 15 - Provide print-friendly versions

Conformance: Mandatory

Agencies must include CSS to provide stripped down print-friendly versions of web pages.