Module 1: Checkpoint 5—Advertising

Conformance: Mandatory


Queensland Government websites must not offer advertising for private individuals, firms or corporations.

Benefits of conformance

  • Government websites should be impartial.
  • Distracts users from the main message of your site.
  • Takes up valuable real estate on a site.
  • Takes users away from your site if they click on the advertising.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Having commercial advertising would seriously undermine the trust and credibility of Queensland Government websites.
  • May cause conflict of interest concerns.

Implementation advice


Advertising includes pay per click, banner advertising, linking to commercial entities, and display of organisation logos. Advertising can be paid or unpaid.

This checkpoint does not apply if appropriate sponsorship and partnership arrangements are implemented. It also does not apply to other government agencies (local, other states, and federal).

As agencies must follow the principle of open and effective competition when seeking sponsorship, the possibility of commercial bias is reduced.

Refer to the Queensland Government sponsorship policy for information about managing incoming sponsorships.

Note: this link is only accessible through the Queensland Government network.