Module 1: Checkpoint 4—Progressive enhancement

Conformance: Desirable


Agencies should follow the progressive enhancement methodology outlined in the browser support plan.

Benefits of conformance

  • The methodology outlined in the browser support plan provides a cost-effective approach to dealing with issues of browser and device support.
  • Developing according to web standards gives all browsers and devices the best chance to access the content and render the resource as intended.
  • Developing using a progressive enhancement approach provides an inherent graceful degradation so that less capable devices and browsers are always able to access a web resources' content or functionality.

Risks of non-conformance

  • Not developing to align with web standards (i.e. developing for a single browser's interpretation of web standards) and not using a progressive enhancement approach:
    • vastly complicates cross-browser testing and debugging.
  • Carries a high risk around forwards-compatibility (i.e. It is likely the web resource will require continuing adjustments as new browser versions are released).