CUE template downloads

The CUE template allows agencies to more easily implement and meet the requirements of the CUE Standard.

Agencies are not required to use the template but must ensure their sites and applications abide by the CUE template conformance requirements.

The template is distributed in three forms:

Reference implementation

The CUE Template 3.2 (ZIP, 4.18 MB) includes:

  • files, assets and resources required for using the CUE template to build an agency or campaign website
  • documentation for customising the template (e.g. CUE conformance requirements document, CUE template change log)
  • HTML examples of the CUE template in action.

Source build

The CUE Template 3.2 Source (ZIP, 25.66 MB) contains:

  • the source files needed to develop or learn about the CUE template (including sample video files)
  • documentation covering the rationale for code decisions
  • information about how to update and develop the template to meet agency requirements.

This file is generally not required for use by external parties.