CUE 3.0 template change log

This change log outlines specific changes from one template release to the next.

Version 3.2

Date released: 12/03/2013

Changes since v3.1:

  1. Add tag line 'Great state. Great opportunity.' to footer
  2. Bump copyright year in footer
  3. Add missing video template assets (scripts, styles and images)—flash files cannot be included due to licence restrictions (contact Online Services for assistance).
  4. Added example video assets (video files, captions and audio description).

Version 3.1

Date released: 31/08/2012

Changes since v3.01:

Replace Queensland Government corporate logo with Coat of Arms:

  • New source logos
  • New logo for web including IE6 transparency
  • New favicon.ico image
  • Renamed '#qg-logo' to '#qg-coa' in HTML and CSS files

Version 3.01

Date released: 02/08/2011

Changes since v3.0:

  1. Updated secondary navigation script to:
    • fix alt text for (Closed should be Open);
    • expands and display child when current page is the parent item

    The affected files are:

    • Source - \src\cue\js\jquery.nav-section.js
    • Compressed -\js\qg.js

  2. Updated drop-down menus CSS to push “Page option” drop down menus to off-screen.

    The affected files are:

    • Source - \src\cue\css\drop-down-menus.css
    • Compressed -\css\qg.css