Overview and requirements

Purpose of the browser support plan

The Queensland Government's browser support plan:

  • outlines a framework for managing supported browsers
  • provides advice for testing and implementation to help ensure websites and web applications can support listed browsers.

You should implement the browser support plan to help:

  • determine which browsers require support and testing
  • determine the level of support that is expected for different browsers
  • support a diverse range of platforms and client software through best practice development and strategic browser testing
  • provide transparency on the level of support given to individual browsers (in the event that a complaint is received).

Requirements for browser support

It is a requirement of the Digital services policy that Queensland Government websites provide maximum accessibility and usability for all groups of the community.

At a minimum agencies must:

  • recognise the diversity of devices, configurations, and preferences of consumers of internet content (including reasonable range of browsers, internet-enabled devices and assistive technologies such as screen-readers)
  • comply with the Consistent User Experience Standard (see Module 1: Checkpoint 3—Browser and device support).

Compliance requirements

New web resources

Develop all new website content and web applications to be compatible with the browsers specified in the latest version of the browser support list.

Existing web resources

You should review all existing resources against the latest browser support list at least once each year.

Complaints about browsers

If your agency receives a specific complaint about a resource regarding its browser compatibility, one option for resolving the issue may be to ensure the resource is compatible with the latest version of the browser support list.  The user can then be assured that the resource in question has been updated to comply with current web standards and they can be referred to the browser support statement.

The specifics of complaint resolution are left to the discretion of the agency.