Features of Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics (GA360) is Google's enterprise data analytics product.

It is a powerful tool that has the following key features that differentiate it from the free version (also called Google Analytics Standard).

Advanced reporting and analysis

GA360 allows you to take a deep dive into your data through sophisticated analysis capabilities.

Express data refresh

Google Analytics Standard refreshes every 24 to 48 hours. With GA360 you get fast answers to questions about your analytics data with data refreshing every 2 hours (or less) from collection all the way through to being available for reporting, analysis and action.

Unsampled data

GA360 provides access to big, unsampled data exports (through higher sampling thresholds) for more accurate ad-hoc reports over longer date ranges.

Improved data privacy and security

Google classifies GA360 data as confidential information, governed by Google's privacy policies.

More data

GA360 allows up to 1 billion hits per month (as opposed to 10 million hits per month in Google Analytics Standard). This gives you more data so that you can gain a better understanding of your users' experience. Smart Service Queensland monitors the platform and makes occasional changes to the tracking system to ensure it remains within this limit.

Measure multiple environments

You can apply GA360 to Live production and lower environments as well. This is a great way to apply behaviour indicators early in the development cycle.

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