Publish agency publications (Publications Portal)

What is the Publications Portal?

The Publications Portal is, a site for publishing suitable Queensland Government materials. Not all Queensland Government publications need to be published here. Find out what to publish on the Portal.

Documents can be aggregated into sets, for example, all 2016 issues of the Queensland Government Gazette.

Users can filter materials by:

  • publishing organisation
  • category, for example, 'environment, land and water'
  • tags, for example, 'financial' or 'annual report.'

Employees who have determined that their document belongs on the Portal need to request publishing access, and use the site's tools to ensure that documents are categorised correctly with appropriate metadata.

What to publish on the Publications Portal

Need to know whether to publish your document on the Queensland Government Publications Portal? It is appropriate to upload a document to the Publications Portal only where:

  • the content need can't be met with HTML only (keeping in mind that HTML can be split over several web pages)
  • a demonstrated need exists to download the document as a complete package.

See more detail about suitable materials for the Publications Portal.


See standards and guidelines for authors publishing to the portal.

Who can publish on the Portal

Your agency may already have a Publications Portal representative who can publish your document for you or train you to do it. Contact your web team to find your agency representative.

If you need to become a publisher, apply for publishing access.


Get in touch with the Publications Portal team.