Become a BQ author

You may be eligible to create and update content in the Business Queensland (BQ) content management system (CMS) as a distributed author.

We train new users in the CMS and provide an overview of BQ's style and requirements. You'll need to be familiar with the QGov web writing and style guide.

How does it work?

We use a workflow process in our Squiz Matrix CMS. Once trained, you'll create and update your content directly in the CMS and submit it to our workflow. You will only have permission to edit your agency's content, as well as sitewide image and link libraries.

We'll quality check your work (based on the QGov web writing and style guide) before approving the content for publishing.

Our workflow process does not include internal agency approvals. You must complete this step before the workflow process begins.

Get access

Contact us to discuss whether distributed author publishing is an option for your team or agency.

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