Publish a project page on For government

Is your project suitable?

To publish on For government, your project must be Queensland Government supported and for government employees.

We don't publish projects that impact a single agency or are run by private organisations that are not connected to, or supported by, a Queensland Government agency.

How to write your content

When writing your content, provide the facts about the project and the benefits it will provide government employees.


Use the project name as the title of your page. If the name is too long or won't be meaningful, use a variation that includes keywords that will allow a reader to scan your title and easily determine what your project is about.


The summary of the project should explain in brief what the project is about and how it will benefit those impacted. The summary appears on the Projects page.

About the project

The About the project section should tell readers in more detail what the project is about. It should start with what the challenge or problem is that the project is solving. It should outline how the project will solve the challenge or problem and the expected outcome.


The Benefits section should tell readers in more detail how the project benefits those impacted.

Additional information

Provide additional information about your project, including:
*    Key milestones
*    Project phase
*    Supporting material

Want to add an image?

You can include images in the About the project section of your project page. These can vary in size. If you need help, contact the CX Design team at

Ready to publish?

If you have publishing rights

Visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the project page content brief. See Matrix manuals and tutorials (log in required) for publishing tips. Once your content brief is approved, publish your page.

If you don't have publishing rights

Use the Submit content to publish on For government form. We'll review your content, provide editorial advice, and publish it for you.

If you can't use the online form, visit the For government content briefs page and draft your content using the project page content brief. Email the completed version to

Promote your project

Consider publishing a news story to promote key project milestones. You can provide more information about specific activities and achievements, and can include a link back to your project, which will increase awareness of your work.

See Publish a news story on For government

Need help?

If you need advice or have questions, please email the CX Design team at