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As the supervisor of a new team member, you should induct him or her into your team or branch.

Day 1

Ensure your new employee completes your local induction, which may include building emergency procedures and completing forms for system access, payroll commencement, etcetera.

Week 1

  • Discuss the expectations and desired outcomes of the role.
  • Give the new employee the code of conduct (PDF 140KB) and discuss it after they’ve read it.
  • Outline workplace health and safety obligations for employees and employers.
  • Brief the new employee on work programs, their work area and the organisation in general, and how it links with your agency’s strategic direction.
  • Ensure your new staff member is familiar with your timesheet system.

Weeks 1–3:

  • Ensure your new team member understands the appropriate use of IT and their obligations. Refer to the Use of ICT facilities and devices (IS38) and your agency’s IT policies.
  • Organise an on-the-job training plan for new employees requiring technical skills.
  • Develop a performance and development agreement no later than three months after he or she commences.
  • Ensure the new team member attends the next available induction program for your agency.