The Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) framework replaces the Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) framework as the basis for all contracts established to procure ICT products and services for Queensland Government (see the Procurement and disposal of ICT products and services (IS13) policy for more information).

The QITC framework provides a choice of 4 contract types to reflect the risk and value of the procurement. Find out which contract type to use and see standardised ICT contract templates and guidelines.

Templates to establish a new invitation to offer (ITO) or standing offer arrangement (SOA) to buy under the QITC framework will be available here soon. 

Please note: If you are contracting under the QITC framework, use these templates.




Going out to market

Invitation to Offer (ITO) template for QITC purchases (DOCX, 274KB) **

Use in conjunction with:

Invitation to Offer (ITO) Guidance Note (PDF, 253KB)

For purchasing ICT products or services using the QITC framework.


Standing offer arrangements

SOA details for QITC purchases (DOCX, 229KB) **

SOA for QITC purchases Guidance Note (PDF, 274KB)

Use in conjunction with:

SOA conditions (PDF, 499KB) **

This template can be used to establish an SOA under the QITC framework

**These QITC documents have been updated to reflect changes to the Queensland Procurement Policy, including the Ethical Supplier Threshold, contract disclosure and social procurement.

View the previous ICT terms and conditions.