Consider existing employees affected by workplace change

See if your vacancy is suitable for existing employees affected by workplace change. You must consider these employees before filling your vacancy by any other means.

Speak to your HR team. If your vacancy non-frontline AO3–SO (or equivalent) role and it is permanent, or a temporary role for more than 12 months, it must be submitted into the eJobs Employee Placement System (eJobs) (government log in required). If your vacancy is for any other type of role (e.g. a frontline role or a temporary role for less than 12 months), your HR team will review and submit your vacancy into eJobs at their discretion.

Your vacancy will be available in eJobs for 7 working days.

Suitable employee found

If a case manager believes they represent an employee suitable for your role, they’ll refer them to you to consider. You’ll need to complete a suitability assessment. See Workplace change.

You have 7 working days to complete a suitability assessment. The assessment should consider if the employee has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform the duties required or the ability to learn the duties required.

If the employee is suitable, speak to your HR team about appointing them to the role. You’ll need to agree on a suitable commencement date that works for you, the employee and their current agency or business area. A commencement date of 2 calendar weeks is usually appropriate.

No suitable employee found

If you don’t find a suitable employee through eJobs, you can advertise your role. Speak to your HR team. You must do this within 1 month from the date you’re advised there are no suitable employees. If you don’t, you’ll need to resubmit your vacancy through eJobs again before you do advertise.