Advertise a role

Advertise a new or existing role on the Smart jobs and careers website, commercial job sites and newspapers.

Who can do this?

Queensland Shared Services customers. If you're unsure if your agency uses this service, please check with your HR team or contact us.

Do I need to advertise?

Find out whether you need to advertise a vacancy.

How long does it take to advertise a role?

If you're advertising multiple positions, contact us to negotiate a suitable timeframe.

Online: ads are published on Smart jobs and careers and commercial job websites within 3 days (providing your documents are complete and correct).

Print: there is a Thursday 12pm deadline for ads to appear in print from Friday the following week. The ad will appear either midweek or on the weekend based on the paper's schedule. If you're advertising in a regional paper, contact us to confirm their print schedule.

How much will it cost?

The charge for advertising on Smart jobs and careers is included in QSS's customer recruitment retainer.

See our Service level agreement price list

Any other press or web advertising will be invoiced to you separately.

See sample job ads and pricing

To advertise a new or existing role you will need to complete the Request to hire form. This form can't be saved and will time out after 2 hours. Use this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to complete the form before you start.


I've checked my latest establishment report or asked my HR team to confirm:

  • the role exists
  • its title and classification
  • the position number
  • the role status: permanent, temporary, casual or contract
  • location in the organisation structure
  • hours and location of work.

I know why the vacancy exists.

I know the role type: flexible, flexible full-time, flexible part-time, full-time, part-time, non-standard hours.

I've checked the role description:

  • is complete and on my agency's current template
  • allows me to copy and paste from it.

I know who the ad will appear for on Smart jobs and careers:

  • the general public and Queensland Government employees
  • Queensland Government employees only.

I know if I'm advertising on a commercial job website (e.g. Seek) as well as Smart jobs and careers.

If advertising on a commercial job website, I know the location to show my ad: Brisbane, other QLD, other locations.

I know if I'm advertising in a newspaper and which paper:

  • A regional or suburban newspaper because the role is located in that area.
  • A community paper (e.g. Koori Mail).
  • The Courier Mail, Weekend Australian or an interstate metropolitan paper. These require Director-General or equivalent approval.

I know the cost centre, internal order or WBS for this vacancy. Invoices for external websites or press advertising will be forwarded to your agency for payment.

I know if I'm advertising the role as a continuous applicant pool (advertise the role continuously with no closing date).

I know if the role is targeted (to employees of an agency or a specific group in an agency).

I know the contact details of the:

  • chair of the selection panel
  • contact person for applicants
  • person who will approve advertising the role.

I've decided if I'm using a questionnaire to help shortlist candidates.

I've completed the Media options form—you must attach it to the Request to hire form.

You can print the checklist using the Print icon above.

You can use images and videos in your job advertisement to help attract candidates.

Add an image

To include an image in your job advertisement:

  1. Upload the image to a public internet site.
  2. Tell us in the Comments section of the Request to Hire form that you want to include an image and provide the URL to where the image is hosted.

We'll publish your vacancy on Smart Jobs and Careers with the image included.

Add a video

To include a video in your job advertisement:

  • Upload the video to your agency's YouTube channel (don't allow comments).
  • Copy the link from YouTube using the right-click Copy embed code option (or copy the URL for the video).
  • Add the embed code or URL information to your Short description on the Media Options form.
  • Tell us in the Comments section of the Request to Hire form that a video is included in the Short description section of the advertisement.

We'll publish your vacancy on Smart Jobs and Careers with the video included.

Image and video URL character limit

URLs are included in the job advertisement short description character limit (900 characters). If you need help shortening your URL, contact QSS Recruitment.

Contact us


See the Request to hire manual (PDF, 1.4 MB) for detailed help with the form.

Read the Recruitment and selection directive.


Can I use a recruitment agency?

See the Queensland Government's standing offer arrangement for office-based staff (government network access required) to find out about employing permanent and temporary staff through recruitment agencies.

How do I advertise on an external website (e.g. LinkedIn)?

You can advertise your role on an external website by using the link we send you in your confirmation email once your ad is published on Smart jobs and careers.

Using this URL ensures all candidates apply via Smart jobs and careers. Applications will be:

  • stored in one database (Springboard)
  • visible in Springboard as soon as candidates submit
  • evaluated online in Springboard (see Manage job applications)
  • tracked and managed by candidates online.

There's no double handling of applications (applications submitted by email and manually entered into Springboard).

If you're advertising on LinkedIn, under the section How a Job Applicant's Information is Submitted, select the option that allows you to provide a URL.

How do I get a copy of my establishment?

Contact your HR team to access your establishment information.

How do I limit or specify who can apply for a vacancy?

The Request to hire form provides options for you to limit applications to:

  • Queensland Government employees (targeted vacancy)
  • candidates who identify as possessing a particular attribute; for example, being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent (identified role)
  • candidates with skills and knowledge relating to disability, gender, culture, etc. (specified position).

How do I prepare a role description?

  1. Use your agency's current role description template. Contact your HR team or see your intranet to check you have the correct one.
  2. If the role has changed, ensure this is reflected in the role description. If the role has changed substantially, you may need to have its classification level assessed.
  3. Ensure that the position number, title and classification level are consistent with your area's establishment.
  4. Ensure that the file is in MS Word format, free of tracked changes and comments, and not password protected.
  5. Check for spelling, grammar or formatting errors. Ensure the document projects a professional image of your agency and will attract the strongest field of applicants.

Find out more about developing a role description.

What do I do if the position number doesn't appear in the Request to hire form?

If the position number you entered doesn't appear in the Request to hire form, you may need to tell us to change a position's details.

Changes to positions and organisational units may take up to 2 weeks to reflect in the Request to hire form.

To complete your request, select Position new to establishment? and enter the establishment information manually.

Where can I find profit centres and company codes?

Contact your finance area for a list of cost centres, and the profit centre and company code associated with each.

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