Onboard and induct employees

Find out how to onboard and induct an employee into the workplace. This includes new employees and, if the chief executive advises, employees returning to the workplace (following leave or other absence of 12 months) and employees promoted or moved to positions with different or enhanced responsibilities.

Start onboarding your recruit as soon as they accept the role. See your intranet or speak to your HR team to find out how to complete the appointment. See Appoint a person to a role, if your agency uses Queensland Shared Services (QSS).

Organise a workspace, equipment, and computer and security access. Do this as soon as QSS or your agency’s Recruitment team complete the appointment. This will help ensure your recruit feels welcomed and valued on their first day.

Schedule meetings with team members, senior managers and any stakeholders you think your employee should meet.

Welcome your employee. Get them excited about the role. Show them to their new workspace, and introduce them to their colleagues, managers and any direct reports.

Provide an office tour, pointing out toilets, fire escapes and break rooms. Give them their IT and computer equipment, and computer and security access details.

You might want to assign a support buddy to help your recruit with any questions or concerns.

Book time with your recruit to discuss:

  • the role:
    • what you expect from them
    • how they like to work
    • what they want to get out of the role
  • employment   conditions:
    • work   hours and break times
    • payroll
    • leave   entitlements
    • probation period
  • policies and procedures:
  • meetings that they should attend with you or others as an observer or participant.

See Positive management foundations and Positive management practices for more.

Check in with your recruit regularly. Make sure they’re settling in and you haven’t accidentally left them out of office or team activities. Make yourself available to answer any questions they may have.

Ensure your employee understands:

Complete a Performance and development agreement.

See your agency’s onboarding and induction process for agency-specific requirements.

Onboarding and induction does not stop after a week. It may extend for weeks or even months.

Schedule regular one-on-one meetings. Ask how they are getting on in the role and provide feedback as necessary.

Onboarding is complete once your employee has successfully integrated into the workplace and is achieving an acceptable level of performance.